Antiek zilver spiegel Venice, English Decorations
Antiek zilver spiegel Venice, English Decorations antiek zilver barok spiegel Venice miroir baroque Venice, - English Decorations miroir baroque Venice, English Decorations sizes

Antique silver baroque mirror Venice 6 sizes

Antiek Zilver spiegel Venice

Heavy wooden framed barock mirror in antique silver

Outside frame size :

95 x 125 cm € 245,-
95 x 155 cm € 335,-
95 x 195 cm € 365,-
115 x 215 cm € 550,-
135 x 235 cm € 650,-
155 x 215 cm € 750,-

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The smaller mirrors are boxed then packaged in high density foam so that breakage is virtually impossible.

For the very big mirrors we construct special pallets so that once again, breakage is virtually impossible.
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