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Traditional Leather Desk Chairs

Hand Made in our English workshop

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CLASSIC ENGLISH DESK CHAIRS , from our English workshop

Classic English swivel office chairs and leather desk chairs in mahogany, cherry, oak or painted wood.

Our Classic range of English leather swivel chairs and desk chairs are 100 % Made in England.All our swivel chairs have a gas lift mechanism which adjusts the height of the chair.
The chair also turns through a full 360, and can rock or be fixed upright.
A multidude of different leathers and wood choices are available.
We can also make our chairs Made to measure to suit people who have special needs.
For our Classic desk chairs range delivery time is typically 3 to 4 weeks from ordering.
We deliver all over the world and pricing and quality such that everybody can buy and enjoy our beautifully made English hand made furniture.

Read along in this article and find out all about traditional desk chairs from English Decorations.


Typical English is a manufacturer of traditional English leather Chesterfield furniture, such as Chesterfield sofas, Chesterfield chairs and seats, Chesterfield armchairs,Chaises Longues, Wing chairs or ear chairs, Queen Anne chairs (scroll chairs), Chesterfield sofa beds, ottomans and hockers in any size and colour.
Our Typical English style is clearly recognisable to many and has the class and appeal of classic English luxury. Our Captains swivel chair , and Directors swivel chair are some of the most recognisable products that represent our style.

To complement our swivel chairs: we also carry a full chair line 'office chairs' with fixed legs in all our wood and leather choices.

From our English workshop

Of course, we also have more than 20 models of classic english office chairs in our collection.
We can supply all colours. Besides the standard models, we can also offer custom-made products manufactured in our own workshop in England.

Our high-quality leather office chairs and Chesterfield furniture come with a full guarantee.
For our Chesterfield office chairs collection, we have a delivery time of 4-5 weeks.
We can deliver your furniture worldwide.

Our prices are affordable so that everyone can enjoy our beautiful furniture.

Bespoke Gainsborough fixed leg chair
Gainsborough chair standard size

Chair base with gas lift mechanism

All our swivel chairs have a gas lift mechanism which adjusts the height of the chair.

The mechanism also turns through a full 360, and can rock or be fixed upright.

The bases for our chairs have a two way adjustable mechanism : 

1 Adjustable in height, just pull the lever ( B )  upwards and this wil allow the chair to move up and down. 

2 Lock the chair so it does not rock, just pull or push the lever ( B )  horizontally and this will either allow the chair to rock, or fix the back of the chair in an upright position.
Buy turning the big black knob ( A ), you can adjust how freely the chair rocks.

The wheels of the bases are suitable for all floor types and will not scratch a wooden floor.

Chair base with gas lift mechanism

Classic English office chair in a modern technical set-up

Our handmade English office chairs fit even the most modern environments.
Here you can see our Judges swivel chair that provides seating in a modern, up-to-date sound and video studio.

The desk chair swivels 360°, and can be adjusted in height by means of a grass spring system. The back section features a special tilt mechanism that allows you to position the desk chair in the perfect position.

All our English Chesterfield desk chairs are luxurious,
providing a comfortable and good-looking place to do your work.


Judges swivel chair

See the desk chairs in our showroom

In addition to the extensive online collection of Desk Chairs, English Decorations also has its own showroom. Here you can come and see the Desk Chairs for yourself and inspect our high-quality leather! The leather used by our manufacturer Typical English meets the highest British standard, and has a hugely extensive choice of colours. Our showroom is just 5 minutes away from Schiphol Airport. We are happy to welcome you if you prefer to admire the furniture with your own eyes before you proceed with your purchase. However, you can also order all our products safely and conveniently online in our web shop.


Gainsborough swivel chair
Library swivel chair

Perhaps the largest collection of English leather desk chairs

Besides being a great lover of English Chesterfield furniture, we also make unmistakable English furniture. This enables us to offer a large collection of classic English office chairs, classic desks and bespoke bookcases. Within the EU mainland, we offer the largest collection with very competitive prices, guarantees and expertise. Make friends with the traditional leather English Chesterfield office chairs from our manufacturer ‘Typical English’

Our hand made English leather topped pedestal desks

- A perfect match wit our hand made English desk chairs.

Our beautiful Classic pedestal desks are the crowning glory of our range. These English desks stand firmly in your interior and look chic and stylish.

English desk chairs and pedestal desks in matching colours

We can make your desk chair, pedestal desk and custom bookcase in the same colour.
You can choose from any RAL colour or a shade from a manufacturer such as Farrow and Boll.


Library swivel zwart met alligator leer
Captains swivel black leather
Painted Library swivel chair with writing table
Captains chair in white in combination with painted desk

Delivery for our Desk Chairs

For our UK based customers we can deliver directly from our UK workshops.
If the chair is in stock delivery can be within one week.

If the chair is not in stock, delivery time is 3-4 weeks.

Where possible we deliver the chairs ourselves.
For far away deliveries we use a transport company that we have worked together with for 30 years.


Client service and guarantee

English Decorations is very committed to customer requirements and is happy to provide excellent service. However, if you encounter a problem with any of our products, we will always strive to find a solution that satisfies our customer. We therefore have an extensive guarantee scheme for our classic english office chairs.
  • The frames of our Chesterfield chairs and sofas come with a 10-year full guarantee
  • On the other parts of the office chairs, you get a two-year manufacturer's warranty
  • Our English furniture comes with a maintenance package as standard so that you can keep it in good condition for as long as possible

If any part of the Chesterfield does unexpectedly suffer damage after three years, such as a wheel falling off the chair, or a hinge breaking in a bookcase, we will still replace it! However, we expect the wheels to serve you for about 10 years and the hinges to basically remain in good condition for life. In the cases described above, we will carry out the repair free of charge. However, if your Chesterfield is damaged for any reason other than wear and tear through normal use, we will be obliged to charge for the repair. English Decorations is however service-oriented in any case, which means that we will always keep the repair costs as low as possible.


Gainsborough fixed leg chair & made to measure conference table
Court chairs padded seat & made to measure conference table

Real English Desk Chairs from English Decorations

For top-quality Chesterfield furniture, you have come to the right place. We have no less than 35 years of experience in designing, producing and delivering the finest English furniture. English Decorations has its own workshop in England, where the Chesterfields are built by experienced craftsmen. Anything is possible here: made-to-measure office chairs and Chesterfields in all sorts of different colours. These classic office chairs even come with an official 'Made in England' certificate, so you can verify the country of origin yourself.

Made in England

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